Roma On Riccarton Road Motel


Roma Motel offers extra amenities for their clients including BBQ and a laundry room. The BBQ is free to use and there is a small fee for the laundry, feel free to just ask if unsure.

Laundry Room

Laundry Facility With Washing Machine and Dryer

Laundry Facility With Washing Machine and Dryer

The laundry contains a washing machine and dryer. Laundry powder, soap and softener can be arranged as required. we also have a clothes line out back near the BBQ area.

if the Laundry is locked your room key will access this, so you can get to your washing day or night.



gas bbq for clients

Gas BBQ For Clients

The gas powered BBQ and BBQ area is available any time you require. We can supply cooking utensils if required along with the other amenities required to make any BBQ a success. Gas is provided and the BBQ is available on request.

This is a fantastic place to relax with a cool drink on a hot summers day or night after a busy day enjoying all Christchurch has to offer.

Fast Internet

All rooms have their own wireless connection, optimized for the best possible reception for your devices. That’s connected to fast fibre and backed by quality equipment – the result – an Internet connection that works.

Air Conditioning

Every room has its own heatpupmps and air conditioning. That ensures you have all the amenities required for a comfortable stay. Combined with light rooms and excellent sound proofing should guarantee you a restful stay.

Private courtyards

Some of our rooms come complete with private courtyard, coffee table and chairs. You can get up in the morning, enjoy a complimentary news paper, a quiet cup of coffee and start your day relaxed.