Roma On Riccarton Road Motel

DinoFest Christchurch

DinoFest Christchurch

You should stay with us for this really cool looking event, Roma on Riccarton is nice and central to all activities and a great spot to relax.

38 Riccarton Rd Roma on Riccarton DinoFest is only 10munites drive to Halswell

We invite you to step back in time 70 million years this summer to an age when dinosaurs roamed New Zealand.

Now in its third year, DinoFest is back with more dinosaurs, more roaring, and more chomping.

Meet Rexy and Roxy our two-legged meat-eating dinosaurs, baby dinosaurs, and ‘Big Herb’ our plant-eating titanosaur… Plus a very special guest dinosaur who’s making her first appearance!

Learn more about the prehistoric ferns, cycads and conifer trees whose descendants still grow in the park today.

The event is set in beautiful Halswell Quarry so you can combine Dinosaurs with a picnic or walk around the park.

Tickets include a Dinosaur Encounter, kids activities, and a Jurassic Dinosaur Trail (meet the dinosaurs discovered in New Zealand).

We welcome everyone – the event is ideal for families with children under the age of eight years old.

Free entry for children under 2 on the day of DinoFest.