Willowbank Wildlife Reserve

New Zealand’s most comprehensive NZ themed wildlife park, the Willowbank experience tells the story of our country’s natural heritage.  Using pioneering and innovative display techniques, with an emphasis on creating a natural environment and an up-close and personal interactive experience, Willowbank showcases one of New Zealand’s best displays of native species.  See Kiwi in a natural environment – there is no glass! Get close to Kea, Tuatara and other native icons. Willowbank Wildlife Reserve is also home to introduced and exotic breeds. Make your own way around the park and animals will eat right out of your hand. Willowbank is open from 9.30 am daily – kiwis are able to be viewed from 10.30am until close.

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Name:Willowbank Wildlife Reserve
Type:Kids Play, Eating, Museum
Suitable For:Kids, Wheel-Chair, Adults